A few words about my life journey

On December 12, 1980, I was born in a small town near Yangcheng (Western China). Clearly coastal climate and the breeze of the Yellow Sea had a positive impact on my development and immunity. From an early age I was interested in most of the fields directly related to the sciences. For over 6 years of my childhood and adolescence I played chess.

It is important to underline that the 1990s were computerized to a minimum and the scams associated with the use of programs in tournaments were minimal. I can’t read this monthly news about chess scams(!) After all, this is a sport for cultural people only.

Over the years, my fascination with the royal game has diminished and all that remains is a pleasant memory in the form of a hobby I do online with my school friends.

In 1995, after my father’s decision,  after high school I moved to Shanghai and started studying there. There, in order not to waste time, I started to attend optional chemistry classes. From the age of 18 I took my first steps in a laboratory 120 km away as an assistant professor.

Nothing prevented me from starting a new phase in life on another continent after completing my initial education. My first direction was not so far away because I ended up in Saudi Arabia on an 8-month internship in the city of Al. Namas. Unfortunately, my impulsive character and desire for a nomadic lifestyle very quickly determined my next move. This time it was a stopover in New York and New Jersey.

My practice in America has been based solely on the anthropometric testing of Rugby, American Football, and several amateur basketball players…

This stopover, however, inspired me to take a broader look at the health problems that occur not only in professional athletes, but also in people leading a straightforward lifestyle, for whom sport is a pleasure, an addition and a hobby.

A broader look and observation on several continents have allowed me to establish close cooperation with research units in Canada, Mexico, Russia, Yemen, and China. I have had several breakthrough and pioneering treatments against a popular ailment: restless leg syndrome, osteoporosis, herpes, male potency problems or ubiquitous weight loss.

Most of the research that I had the opportunity to participate in was sealed with confidentiality on my part, so I can’t quote the commercial names or measurements made.

My current situation looks a bit different. My private measurements, audits, and clinical trials in an independent center near Cologne in Germany allow me to comment and review all products, treatments, and modern proposals.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me via Twitter, Gmail, or if you are directly involved in biotechnology, alternative medicine or Ayurveda and you are in Germany, we can meet in person.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MitsukuniW

Gmail: mitsukuniwang@gmail.com

Kind regards,

Mitsukuni Wang